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Summer Camps 2023

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Screen Shot 2022-04-18 at 8.43_edited.png

Week One:
(​July 31st -August 4th


Superhero Week

What makes up a superhero? Create superheroes on the computer!  Design your own comic strip or book for your superhero. Use materials to design your heroes cape or mask! Watch some of the classic superhero films and understand flying using marble roller coaster to learn about the potential and kinetic energy. End the week with a celebration. 

Week Two:
(August 7th-11th)


Muscles in


Learn and play different sports each day, and invent a new sport. Set up relay races and obstacle courses. Learn how your muscles get bigger and how your body works. Create a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu that will provide fantastic health options!  Go out to a local lake for a swimming day and more fun field trips.


Week Three: 
Artful Antics 
(​August 14th- 18th)


Pointillism, Picasso, Still Life painting and clay masterpieces fill your week with art processes. Discover and create many different art pieces while making memories and having fun!

Week Four: 
(August 21- 25th)


Barnyard Palooza 

Using legos and cardboard to create a barnyard.  go to a local farm, pick some berries and see some animals. Visit WW1 park, go to  Southwick zoo, get up close and personal with deers and baby goats!  End the week with a line dancing Hoedown

(minimum 5 students per day)

Fill out one form per child.
$400 per week - $80 per day   |   $40 1/2 day camp 8:00-12:00

Bills are sent out 1 week prior to the camp starts.
Ask about discounts!

Contact us at (508)699-0200 or

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