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Specialized April Vacation 2024

April 16-19 (Tues - Fri) 9am - 12pm
Ages 5 -12

Children illustration

Calling on all Incredible Children and Buddies!

The goal for the children

Providing a safe and productive environment for children to learn, explore, thrive, build life long friendships and foster amazing memories.

Our focus will be on SEL and creating a safe space for children. we will maintain a structured routine and policies. we would like to have each parent and or family come in meet the staff and explain your child's needs.

Each activity is carefully designed to promote social skills and engage the children. Kids will be surrounded by their peers and Buddies

Welcome and Check-In


Choice-time/movement Break
SEL Movements


April Vacation Schedule

Prices & Time

$120 per day or $480 for the week - Tuesday thru Friday April 16th - 19th. From 9:00AM - 12:00PM

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